A.K Group Of Paramedical Institute

A.K Group Of Paramedical Institute

ए के ग्रुप ऑफ़ पैरामेडिकल इंस्टिट्यूट

A.K Group Of Paramedical Institute

ए के ग्रुप ऑफ़ पैरामेडिकल इंस्टिट्यूट

About us

A.K.Foundation is a Social education Trust is one of the most Important area for achieving Self reliance our country Registered under the Indian Registered Trust act 1882 ,64 A  by Regitration no-0298 Avadhesh kumar  is the promoter founder  & chief of Trust having more than 3 year experience in social administration management & financial field. The Trust is established for best education to create great leadership for nation


Quality Professional Education Providing Any Time Any Where for anyone to be centre excellence for value based education and research there by contributing to the development of the highly professional and experienced though and application of knowledge for the health wealth and well being of the society .The motto of the society is maritum ethicus that is merit with ethics, social, regional, geographical, territorial, racial and cultural boundaries no longer hold relevance in the present seenario.  Read More


Vision MissionTo set highest bench-mark for the quality and standard in Indian old system champion excellence in value based professional, medical, technical, education and to find out natural human talent into professional to create and sustain and environmental facility professional research and also create a platform for sharing our experience social change and create foundation for healthy nation, The mission of A.K.Foundation is focused on the over all development of the individuals who com service their Read More

Why Us

The Aim of the Trust to provide value addition while importing education social revolution through the talent search in Trust and provide free education for all depressed class of Trust want to study in India and aboard. The objective of providing professional education to create foundation for healthy national because of being the education is constitution right

Our Managment

Tej Prakash

Branch Director

Dr sahid Ali


Rachna Sharma


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